Ranking 4th in the nation, Monta Vista Future Business Leaders of America is a business-focused organization that creates endless opportunities for Monta Vista High School students. As a member, students can learn, explore, and experience business and leadership through our various competitions, projects, and networking opportunities. We strive to foster growth and assist students in the establishment of career goals by promoting the development of lifelong skills needed beyond high school. Our goal is to encourage members to improve their homes, businesses, and communities. Whether it’s competing at fun conferences with your friends or networking with professionals at companies such as Facebook, MVFBLA truly does have a lot to offer. Join us today!


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With 70+ national competitions spanning global business, sports and marketing management, computer science, healthcare, agribusiness, economics, and more under impromptu, pre-judged, group, and individual categories, our members find boundless opportunities to display their skills and win national awards. Each year, most of our members travel to Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Anaheim, San Antonio, and other major cities to compete against chapters worldwide and win international awards.

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MVFBLA provides Projects, encompassing of American Enterprise, Community Service, and Partnership with Business. Past partnerships for our projects include Facebook, multiple venture-backed startups, and companies spanning various industries and backgrounds. Members serving on Projects committees host competitions backed with thousands of dollars, work with the C-Suite of companies, and leave significant impact in whichever community they choose to serve.

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2021-2022 Officer Team

  • Nikhil Sathye, President

  • Manvi Kottakota, Executive Vice President

  • Marissa Jensen, VP of Competitions

  • Rachael Ding, Director of Impromptu Competitions

  • Lydia Lu, Director of Prejudged Competitions

  • Rohit Dayanand, Director of Individual Oral Competitions

  • Zayd Musa, Director of Individual Objective Competitions

  • Anya Goyal, VP of Operations

  • June Wang, VP of Marketing

  • Grace Wang, Director of Public Relations/Design

  • Kushagra Srivastava, Director of Member Relations

  • Vidusha Adira, Secretary-Treasurer

  • Cindy Zou, VP of Projects

  • Ankita Chaugule, Director of State Projects

  • Trisha Sreedhar, Director of American Enterprise Project

  • Smriti Rangarajan, Director of Community Service Project

  • Ariyal Jain, Director of Partnership with Business Project


Built by Kushagra Srivastava and Nathan Wang for Monta Vista FBLA.