FBLA offers over 70 competitions which can be grouped into five main categories: individual objective, individual oral, impromptu, prejudged, and technology. No matter what you’re interested in pursuing, MVFBLA has something for you!

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What are Competitions?

With over 70 competitions grouped into five main categories: individual objective, individual oral, impromptu, prejudged, and technology, MVFBLA provides its members with opportunities to grow in every field. The competition season begins in February with the Bay Section Leadership Conference. In April, MVFBLA attends the State Leadership Conference, which is then followed by the National Leadership Conference in late June.

Our competitions branch conducts a series of interviews in order to place members on the best competition for them, keeping preferences in mind. We prioritize underclassmen success by ensuring that each competition team has an experienced upperclassman and our individual competitors get support from our entire officer team.

Competitions help our members cultivate their public speaking skills while honing research and test taking strategies, boost confidence during award ceremonies, and, of course, provide lifelong memories of fun during conferences.

Below is a brief description about each of the five main categories of competitions!


A team competition composed of two parts: a prejudged submission and a 7-minute speech. For the prejudged portion, participants are tasked with addressing a given prompt to create detailed submissions, ranging from a report, presentation, or video, while adhering to California FBLA’s standards. Qualifying competitors deliver 7-minute presentations at the States and National Leadership Conferences. Teams are often composed of strong public speakers, writers, and researchers to successfully carry out all aspects of the competition. Time management is a highly valued skill, as planning and scheduling are necessary in order to complete submissions in a timely manner.

Indiv Oral

An individual competition that is centered around public-speaking and presentations. This competition involves no testing. Participants will be required to either give an impromptu speech, present a pre-written speech, or respond to a real-world business scenario. Although it is an individual competition, competitors will be able to work together and be a part of the MVFBLA family. Competitors should be self-motivated, responsible, and comfortable with public speaking. In this competition, being timely and following a reasonable schedule for completing certain tasks is vital for success. In addition to this, you must be very comfortable asking for help anytime you are stuck.


Objective competitions consist of 60 minute multiple choice test on one of 40 plus topics members can choose to study in depth. Competitors are lead through each one of their competencies by our officer team, and will become topic experts before competition season begins. With our extensive study material, MVFBLA has been able to give as many resources as necessary to ensure the success of our competitors. Participants should be able to manage their own time and motivate themselves, but will work with several other members with similar competitions and become a part of the MVFBLA family. Additionally, competitors must be willing to reach out to fellow competitors or officers for help whenever needed beyond regular check-ins.


A team-based, spontaneous event, Impromptu competitions’ presentations differ from other categories in that they are not pre-written, meaning teams have to extemporaneously respond to a given prompt. However, just like other competitions, there is a big focus on testing, with a one hour multiple choice test. The teams begin each tournament by taking the test. After low-scoring teams are eliminated, the remaining teams will be asked to deliver their prompt. A second elimination process ensues, and the remaining teams move on to the next level. Participants who compete in impromptu will be able to develop a strong foundation in speaking skills and self-motivated study skills. With MVFBLA’s extensive resources, we are able to provide our teams with the support they need to succeed in their events and become topic experts in their field with the help of the upperclassman on every team.


Tech comps are team-based events that have a tech-related element. Some tech comps involve actual programming, while others involve animation, video production, graphic design, etc. Some tech comps are prejudged, meaning you prepare a product beforehand and “demo” it during the actual competition, while others are Impromptu events that are heavily related with technology. For more information on “prejudged” vs “impromptu” events, refer to their corresponding sections above!


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