Tote Bag Fundraiser

Projects. May 10, 2021

On March 10th—Monta Vista FBLA Community service projects organized a successful tote bag fundraiser, hand making tote bags from old linens to raise money for the environmental defense fund, a large policy coalition responsible for creating green energy.

“It’s a really cool way to increase sustainability because all funds go to environmental nonprofits and it encourages a healthy lifestyle” said Freshman Smriti Rangarajan, an FBLA member. “The fundraiser was a massive success, as initial estimates capped our total money raised at $200 but we ended up raising over 1000 dollars!” said Cindy Zou. She is the chair of the Community Service Project from Monta Vista High School’s Future Business Leaders of America club, the committee that organized the fundraiser. The tote bags were created from linens that would’ve been in the landfill, because hotels cannot reuse old linens, so the committee not only saved linens from the landfill but raised money to save our planet from climate change. In order to create customizability to appeal to a broader segment of the student population, the committee utilized natural dyes to create several different product offerings. Sophomore Rohit Dayanand continues with the impacts of the fundraiser,"200+ tote bags sold isn't just a number, it's a lifestyle. What was important for us is where we raised our money from. For us, the tote bags that we sold to raise funds from directly encourages everyone to be more sustainable because it reduces the need for plastic bags. In fact, the New York Times estimates that each reusable bag saves on average 500 single-use plastic bags per year. That means that for the over two-hundred tote bags we directly sold to the public, on average we saved over 100,000 single-use plastic bags from polluting our oceans and landfills. On top of that, instead of purchasing reusable bags made from brand new materials and having them shipped from factories, we hand-crafted each of our tote bags from used hotel linens that would've also been in the landfill."The committee donated almost all of the money raised to the environmental defense fund, a Fremont Union School district approved charity that preserves acres of wilderness space and co-funds initiatives for green energy.


Built by Kushagra Srivastava and Nathan Wang for Monta Vista FBLA.